Monday, February 13, 2006

boob tube

I guess I was feeling left out. I wanted to know what my team-mates were up to.

And then at Sunday Stitch & Belch, which takes place in a bar with big teevees in it, I actually saw some Olympic coverage - women cross-country skiers, in which an Estonian woman won her country's first gold medal - ever. And you know, the humanity, the triumph, the tugged-heartstrings... they all made me feel like I was missing something, you know, with the whole no teevee situation at our house.

So I went up to the attic and dragged down the ten year-old teevee so that I could knit along with the games.

You know what I was missing? Commercials. A lot of fuggin commercials. Holy crap, what a lot of commercials! I guess it's been a while since I spent any time in front of this evil machine - it must be at least 5 or 6 years. I don't think there used to be so many commercials. And I think in the past, they must have shown more skiing, or nudity, or something, that made me sit and stare at this thing for long stretches of time. Look at it, sneering at the books on the shelf next to it. Lording over the side room from its perch atop the cat scratcher - it is an evil machine whose 16 days of glory have arrived.

Speaking of which, here's an Olympic update. Michelle Kwon: OUT! Me: kicking ass!

I am breezing along on this project, despite the multiple froggings I mentioned previously, and um, well, also working on some socks. Because I have to! I can't drag olympic gold along to board meetings with me! But socks... you know how socks like to travel. Plus they're merino (I love merino), and I had never tried this yarn before. It's Knit Picks sock memories, and I'm doing my first lacy sock pattern, thanks to my wonderful Secret Pal who sends me contraband photocopied knitting book patterns (she's the coolest).

I don't have any sock pictures for you (not much to see yet), but here are some shots in the Olympic update genre:

day two day three (I know it's day four now, but I didn't actually knit today)

And a parting shot of Jackie. I think I still feel so sad for Jackie because she lived outside starving for so long and hardly ate anything, and then went through the terrible ordeal, and in my pity I have been overfeeding the heck out of her! Golly, look how dag fat this cat is getting! She looks like a suckling hog! HWWLLB kept calling her fat and admonishing me for giving her treats, but I guess I was blind to it all, until tonight. For some reason the scales suddenly fell from my eyes (she was sitting with her rather rotund rear end pointed at me), and I realized that our poor little wastrel was becoming morbidly obese. We must cut back on the kibble before she goes to the vet in two weeks - they aren't going to believe it's the same kitty. Hey - you've replaced your cat with a pumpkin! We're going to have to charge double!


  1. lol - love the TV story. I don't watch nuch myself. It's been so long since I've really watched TV that I just can't imagine why one would sit in front of one for hours and hours.

    Nice Olympic knitting. Can't wait to see the lacey socks, too.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. As much as I love Dr D, I have to say...if you take Jackie to Dr D's office, they might just charge you double. At least, it feels that way. "They" being the office, not her, per se. She has nothing to do with it...I keep telling myself over and over ;-)


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