Saturday, February 25, 2006


The Olympic swing coat sweater is nearly done, and now I'm just trying to make some decisions about details as we move into the home stretch. I dug through my button collection and came up with four possibilities for the neck closure, which are grouped happily together here at right. But now it's time for their final showdown to begin, and after the intense scrutiny of our international panel of judges, only ONE button will be left standing. There are no silver or bronze medals in this competition - it's gold or nothing! Well, it's more of a pink/green/blue combo actually, but you get the idea.

contestant #1, representing france - a sophisticated white-on-white floral

contestant #2, representing japan - junior-sized pink circles

contestant #3, representing sweden - neutral-colored big target

contestant #4, representing the USA- yellow-and-white swirly

Any thoughts? I'm not screaming wild over any of these buttons, but if I'm going to get this thing done on schedule for the Olympic torch-extinguishing tomorrow, I don't think button-shopping will fit into the agenda.

Finally, the flower detail. I can't decide where to put it.

julie thinks it should go on the collar - but i'm concerned that maybe it's too big for the collar.

i'm leaning a bit towards the lower body.

What do y'all think? Please register any votes on buttons and flower placement!


  1. My votes: pink circle button, and flower detail on body. And I expect you to follow through on implementing my particular choices, because, well...I said so? Any other result and I'm going to call for a re-count.

    (It does look fantastic!)

  2. I like the pink and white buttons, and I think the flower should go on the body too!

  3. my vote for the button:
    contestant #2 - junior-sized pink circles
    note: unless the button is really spectacular,
    it shouldn't stick out so much. the pink one is cool but blends in...

    flower detail on bottom. othewise it looks too much like,
    "hey, i am a flower detail, notice me!"

  4. my vote: pink circles button and flower near hem. tah-dah!

  5. I vote for Japan, the pink one and the flower on the lower body but away from the opening so as not to compete with the buttons.


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