Wednesday, February 08, 2006

breaking news: everything is fine

Whew! Tea emergency over. I had morning tea at 11 after the call was over and the world seemed to right itself pretty immediately.

More good news: I changed my socks. I had forgotten my lunch today, and am lucky enough to live 1/2 mile from the office, so I just ran home for lunch and to change my badly-chosen socks (my wallet is on a strict no going-out-to-lunch diet).

Before: Garish! After: Smooooooth.

My cute pants being tailored stylishly short (is that still stylish?), the off-white socks were sticking out pretty garishly. This just goes to show you, I do need a pair of knee-high boots. Maybe two - one black and one brown. This outfit needs boots.

So... now I'm sitting here on conference call #2 for today, back to work on the still-nameless cardi. And look! Look how beautiful this yarn is! I'm falling more deeply love with this yarn with every happy stitch.

Mainly I'm excited about wearing this thing once it's done. I love the color! I don't know how well this shows up in the picture - it probably just looks white. But it's off-white and it has all these little flecks of natural brown and soft blue. Oh! Look how nice with my brown pants today! The yarn is Queensland Collection Kathmandu aran (I have called it many things on this blog, but that's its real name. I think it either is now, or used to be called Jo Sharp Silk Road aran). It's mostly merino, but with some silk and some cashmere content. Bliss!

This is the one I had to frog thanks to the BBC (yes, I'm still somewhat bitter). It's going to be tough to put this down to start working on my Knitting Olympics project on Friday.

By the way, the LA Times did a story today on the Stitch & Bitch debacle. The reporter didn't dig too deep, but she did capture Evil Seamstress Overlord Creative Director Elissa Meyrich's whiney, victimized tone quite well.


  1. much better sock selection... i must say when my socks don't match (usually because i put them on in the morning before the sun is up or i am too damn tired) it really makes it hard to concentrate all day... and then no tea! oh ms pea!
    i just bought a kettle for my lab... one of those fancy schmancy types that i have at home (birthday gift from ho'5)... i can't wait to make tea in my lab! we can have a tea party in my lab when you visit!

  2. Glad everything turned out well with the tea & sock crisis!

    The sweater's looking very nice...can't wait to see it finished.

    Did you notice that ScoutJ was mentioned in the LA Times article?


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