Tuesday, February 21, 2006

end in sight

Here's the scene from my office at 3:48 PM today as a longish conference call catapulted me towards the finish line! I can almost taste victory! I feel like an Austrian skier inspecting the downhill course - SO CLOSE... and yet, I still have to go flying down that hill. Gulp.

The big collar is done, the second sleeve is almost finished, and my remaining tasks now are picking up a zillion stitches for the trimmins along the body of the sweater (just a reverse stockinette roll), two mile-long pieces of I-cord for some decorative flowers, and then a button & loop and lots of blocking. All these things are well within sight for Sunday's finale, and even though I have to work (like, at my job) most of the weekend, I am starting to feel pretty sure of myself. I just have to resist the temptation to party all night with Bodie & the gang, and hit the slopes still drunk the next morning. Oops, am I disqualified? Shit, well, pass me a beer, would ya pal?

Of course that could never happen to me, because mainly I'm a wine drinker and a red wine hangover would keep me off the skis entirely. Coffee in bed, please. No, I can't stand to look at those circular knitting needles, they make me dizzy.

So enough of the Olympic tomfoolery, I have something worthwhile to tell you about today:

This week's issue of Salome Magazine contains a great essay by my dear friend Allen - his reflections on the recent passing of Coretta Scott King, the incredible era of social ferment that she came up in, and some of the other women who helped birth groundbreaking social change in the same times. It's short, so don't be scared, just head on over there. Besides, you'll like Salome, it's edited by Jessica, an amazing writer herself and mother of the little muse who will be soon be wearing my Olympic sweater (if I do medal, I will be sharing all the glory and honor with her).

And happily, Bev is blogging again. I missed her so much! I wish she would start using her blog as an advice column. In her real life, she is the best Everybody's Mama and advice-disher that you could ever want. Now honey, why don't you pull your hair back so the people can see your pretty face?


  1. you are so nice to knit such a huge project
    for your friend's kid!
    you will most definately finish!
    what size needles is it on? they look tiny?!
    and what's with blogger friends disappearing off
    the interhole...
    can't they tell we depend on them for daily distraction!?

  2. Oh, you're too good to me. Now - let's talk about you and Grady and babies again....

  3. I can't believe your job doesn't give you time off for the Olympics...you are an Olympian! Don't they know ANYTHING??? You are representing your country and all that! :-) Good luck! You can do it!

    Ok - I'm tired of being peppy now. Gotta go read that essay you linked...

  4. Fawndalina,

    You are so sweet! I can't believe that gorgeous sweater is for Violet!! Your desk looks like a little piece of non-profit heaven. Thanks for the Salome plug.


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