Wednesday, February 08, 2006

help me

Help! I'm stuck in a conference call and I haven't had any tea! It's 10:15 A.M. and my brain is melting... knitting isn't really helping.

7:50 AM. Got up late. Oops.
8:25 AM. Ran out door to meeting, no tea, bad socks don't work with outfit. Eating a piece of cheese.
8:30 AM. Meeting. Nice. No tea. Nobody mentioned the socks.
9:35 AM. Meeting finally over... conference call started 5 minutes ago. Still no tea.
9:45 AM. Call in. I'm supposed to be chairing this call. Oops.
10:10 AM. Still no tea. We are 1/3 of the way into the agenda.
10:15 AM. Re-knitting recently-frogged sweater. Chairing conference call. Malingering in a no-tea-induced-stupor. Eyelids weigh ten pounds each.

If you're out there reading this right now... send me a barista!


  1. wish i could bring you tea...
    if only i lived in the same town!
    i am so sorry,
    i have been there.
    i have so been there!

  2. And you once told me to switch to decaf!?! KETTLE!

    I would NEVER suggest that to a friend. NEVER. Not for all the tea in China....


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