Thursday, February 09, 2006

opening ceremonies

Since we don't have the teevee at our house, I didn't get to watch the actual olympic opening ceremonies, but I heard about the flaming ice-skaters on NPR. Here at Team My House, the casting-on ceremonies were squeezed in between a quick after-work dinner and heading over to a local venue to see several friends in a Raleigh production of the Vagina Monologues (it was fabulous, by the way).

I saw at least one other olympic knitter at the show last night (Saun) - she didn't have her project with her, because she is in such tip-top knitting shape that she doesn't need to drag it with her everywhere she goes (though she did admit to having some socks in her bag just in case). Getting a sweater done in 16 days is something she does twice a month anyhow!

At the other extreme, I knitted while we saved our seats, knitted during the intermission, and knitted at the bar afterwards. It's a good thing, too, because I had a change of heart about the edging this morning and frogged & re-knit about a dozen rows - twice. It's now five in the afternoon and I've just caught up with where I was at the bar last night when Flems posed with the yarn to show off my progress. Isn't she gorgeous? I wish I had even half her natural glamour!

I learned a lot about Flems last night, including that she too is pining for Jack White (of the White Stripes) and we almost got in a hair-pulling cat-fight over who would get the first crack at bearing his children, should he ever come sowing his wild oats in the Kackalack (they were playing My Doorbell at the bar, which triggered the pavlovian salivation response in both of us that touched off the unfortunate incident). Luckily our respective male companions (secure enough in their manhood not to be threatened by Mr. White) intervened, and it did not come to fisticuffs. Thank goodness.

I know that several of you are about to post comments telling me about Jack White's real life and how he's married and has an actual baby pending and all that. To avoid such future complications, you should know that I don't believe in the real lives of artists and celebrities. As far as I'm concerned, they exist soley for our entertainment and have no actual lives of their own. So don't sweat it - you can keep on fantasizing about Freddie Prinze, Jr., or Kai Ryssdal or Angelina Jolie or whomever else you're hot for because they are all yours, baby.


  1. You give me too much credit. I just knew that knitting in bad lighting was futile. I wish I could have seen the fight over Jack White but I wanted to get home and start some knitting. I too do not believe in the real lives of celebrities. The fantasy is always better than the reality.

  2. A couple of comments:

    1. Fisticuffs? Great word.

    2. I'm so, so, SO glad you chose to refrain from knitting during the production. Intermission: fine. Waiting for the show to open: fine. DURING the show? SO. NOT. FINE. (You *do* know the reference, don't you?)

    3. I guess I'll have to check out this White guy.

    4. How do you feel about the fact that I thought of you last night during the opening ceremonies? All good thoughts, of course ;-)

  3. Good luck with Jack White... And the knitting... OMG! Sounds like a REAL Olympic event is happening there! Good going.

  4. LOL! I have to agree with you on the character thing. I, personally, love Aragorn (Lord of the Rings) - in all his sweaty, dirty, straggly hair manliness. The same actor in other movies? Not as hot. What can I say?

    Good luck with your knitting!

  5. i will fight for Kai Ryssdal...
    but i may be the only person that gets hot for marketplace...
    i am way into Meg White...
    Jack wears too much make-up and touches hair too much...
    but i guess he can ring my doorbell when he's done with you two.

  6. Wow ... I think I'm blushing! What a PERFECT complement to read your blog today! (I only acknowledge today is Tuesday, but I think you all know what I'm talking about.) I think HWWLLB and I will go into fisticuffs over you in the office this afternoon. Move over Jack ... fpea is a celebrity knitting goddess and therefore shall be worshipped accordingly.

    BTW..I wish I could knit half as beautifully as you do and take on HWWLLB in Scrabble all in one evening and save the world and fight for women's rights and entertain the nap slut and nurse a ferrel cat back to health and ...whew, the list goes on for days.

    I heretofor declare you a knitting rockstar ..... long may you reign.


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