Wednesday, February 22, 2006

rah rah rah!

Team North Carolina is rocking the Olympics. Mega-knitter and intrepid reporter Marcy is furiously tracking the team's progress (or at least the Raleigh-based contingent) over on her blog, Notions. She joined us Sunday at Stitch & Bitch during her daylong knitting-group marathon, and stopped by again last night (while I was visiting her group, the KnitWits). Her Sunday report included a rather unlovely photo of me swilling a beer (try to just focus on that cute baby picture from the other knitting group instead). But check out the slinky and impressively-stitched stockings she's making as her Olympic project! Way to sex up your winter sports!

Saun is coming along beautifully on her Rowan sweater, despite dye-related disorder. Marcy even managed to get her to smile for a picture! I knitted approximately 6 miles of I-cord last night at KnitWits/Stitch & Bitch for my decorative flower. Julie talked me into cutting back to just one flower on the collar, instead of one on the collar & one on the body, as I had planned, and she's right - it will look way better. But my search for the perfect big button is still on... anyone have any tips for vintage button shopping?

Last night one of the big topics of conversation was knit blogs and related businesses. Saun is selling some faaabulous patterns over on her blog (and Julie was knitting one of them at KnitWits!), and as you know I'm currently making a Knit & Tonic sweater (the Girlfriend Swing Coat). Several of us have also bought some of Glampyre's ultra-hip knitting patterns (especially the ubiquitous One-Skein Wonder), but one of the things I like best about her blog is that she gives away a lot of patterns for free as well, and her for-sale patterns are very professional. My friend Anne and her mom have started up a crafty new business, which you can find online at Check it out! Their cozy blankets make fabulous gifts.

I would love to figure out a way to sell just enough of something I make to finance my yarn addiction. But I have the novelty problem - I don't get a kick out of making something over and over again. If I've done it once (or twice, in the case of socks), the thrill is gone. Maybe patterns? But there is so much room for error in patterns, and I have no desire to knit the same sweater in four sizes just to make sure it works. Maybe I could sell witty rejoinders. The perfect comeback for every situation! Suits any decor!


  1. I'll take five witty rejoinders, please! If I buy a bulk lot could I get a novelty insult thrown in for free?
    (note to self: must join the knitting Olympics next time around)

  2. Yes, my name is Anne and I am a fabric whore. I admit is and I feel your pain. Fabric, yarn, notions, we all have our sins or sequins.I am just hoping to sell enough blankets to justify my fabric addiction. I know what you mean about doing something once and being done with it, but with patchwork, they are all different. Love the blog! Anne


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