Thursday, February 09, 2006

proper stretching, plenty of water

...and some wrist-warming exercises. In anxious preparation for the Knitting Olympics (only one day away!), I just read through Beadlizard's excellent list of Speed Knitting tips for avoiding carpal tunnel and related injuries, and I feel well-prepared to take on the insanity of this goofy internet-age knitting megameme, free of wrist pain. I have also stocked up on PG Tips and gone to yoga twice this week, two critical factors which I believe can only help my knitting speed.

I have just a bit more preparing to do to achieve optimum knitting ability over the next sixteen days of yarn frenzy, so tonight I have cleaned out my knitting bag, leaving only Olympic tools and yarn (see accompanying photo of very tidy bag), wound the last ball of yarn, and NOT KNIT A DAMN THING.

Not knitting is pretty much what I've been doing all week (except on conference calls, of course - that would be hell). Like Saun I've been either too excited about the Olympics starting to work up any enthusiasm about my other projects, or maybe it's that I'm super-smart and have been resting my fingers and wrists for the big event. That must be it. I'm in training. Must rest up.

So I'm off to clear the junk from the coffee table and optimize the lighting in my favorite cozy knitting spot. I hope the cats have been getting into condition for this - they are going to be doing some serious lap-warming in the coming days.

Stay tuned for more scintillating updates like this one from Team My House (such as: "help! my arse is numb!" and etc).


  1. "Team My House". That's funny. Will you grace us with your presence at SnB next week? I think it may be the only time I leave my house for the next 16 days. (I'm considering whether going to work is really all that important). I'm not sure if you've said it but what are you going to make?

  2. Hehe. Best wishes for your Olympic knitting. I'm sure all this training has put you in excellent form for the big event.

    Can you believe that the general news media isn't covering this?!? This is huge! I'm so excited for all of you knitting athletes!


  3. let the games begin! i am on row 54!


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