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free pattern fridays

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Howdy and welcome to the Free Pattern Friday Archive.

Click on the image to get your free pattern. If you have any problems or questions with these patterns, tough luck - they're free. Just kidding! Check out the new Free Pattern FAQ page. If you don't find what you're looking for there, you can email me at: f.pea [at] airpost [dot] net. Important note: Don't forget to make a gauge swatch, people! Getting the right gauge is important, using the same needle size I did is not important.

non-commercial bit: These are free patterns and you are welcome to use them for all the non-commercial purposes you like. However, you may not reproduce the patterns to sell, and you may not sell what you make with them. You may donate what you make with them to charity, and you may use them for charity fundraisers only if 100% of the proceeds are donated to the charity (and by charity I don't mean your kid's college fund). Thanks for understanding!

scrappy doll [10.29.10]

Dolls are easy to make from whatever you have on hand, and fortunately children are easy to please when it comes to a new toy. This sweet felted doll is no different - she is made from leftovers and stashed bits. Find a handful of worsted-weight wool leftovers and you're ready to make a snuggly felted doll for your little one.

materials: less than 1/2 skein of worsted-weight 100% wool in each of three colors; size 8 (US) double-pointed needles; stitch markers in at least 2 colors; less than 1/2 skein of yarn for hair; embroidery floss for eyes and mouth; embroidery needle; tapestry needle; sewing needle & thread in color to match hair; small amount of polyester fiberfill (or stuffing of your choice); sewing machine (optional).
about 4.5 stitches/1 inch
sizes: one size
skills needed: Knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, increasing (Kfb and YO) and decreasing (SSK and K2tog).

soxxy dress [11.26.10]
for the scrappy doll! a simple pattern in leftover sock yarn. enjoy!

sundrop [5.14.10]

This sweet sun hat will take your baby or toddler from the playground to the beach and back again. The brim is worked in a tight gauge to give it some firmness, while the body is knit in a looser gauge with a simple but pretty eyelet lace design that adds a little ventilation. Add the optional ties if your little one likes to yank off hats (and who doesn’t?). This is a fun, quick summer knit. Find a bright summer color that you like, and use a firm, washable cotton or cotton/linen blend yarn.

materials: 1 ball Lion Cotton or similar worsted-weight cotton yarn; US size 3 double-pointed needles (3.25 mm); US size 7 double-pointed needles (4.5 mm); US size 7 crochet hook (4.5 mm); tapestry needle; stitch markers in 2 colors.
larger needles: 15 stitches / 24 rows / 4 inches; smaller needles: 20 stitches / 29 rows / 4 inches
0-6 mos (6-18 mos, 18 mos – 3 years, 4-6 years)
skills needed: Knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, increasing (Kfb and YO) and decreasing (SSK and K2tog), simple crochet chain.

bumpy jacket and hat [9.04.09]

Time for some fall knitting! This baby jacket and hat set uses an old-fashioned looking stitch pattern for an elegant look in a relatively simple pattern. Suitable for a boy or girl, the Bumpy Jacket uses organic cotton and is knit all in one piece for quick finishing. Use some vintage buttons for the perfect touch.

materials: Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Dyed Cotton, 150 yd / 137 m / 50 g per skein; Color A: 1 skein [shown in #301, Glacier]; Color B: 2 (2, 3, 3, 4) skeins [shown in #308, Mallard]; size 5 needles, DPN and circular (or size to get gauge); size 3 needles, DPN and circular (or size to get gauge); five 1/2-inch buttons; stitch markers; tapestry needle; sewing needle & thread.
size: 0-6 mos (6-12 mos, 18 mos, 2 yrs, 4 yrs)
gauge: 22 stitches / 28 rows / 4 inches
skills needed: knitting in the round on circular and DPN's, increase, decrease, pick up stitches; working 2 balls of yarn at once.

scrappy socky stripey cardi [2.20.09]

This baby jacket is a great way to use up leftover sock yarn and make a fun little sweater at the same time. The pattern uses three different leftover yarns – one is a solid, one is variegated, and one is self-striping. You can mix yours up however you like. I also varied the width of my stripes as I knitted – make yours as varied or as regular as you like.

leftover sock yarn in 3 colors; size 2 /3.0mm needles (circular and DPN); size 1 /2.5mm needles (circular); size 1 crochet hook (2.35 mm); 2 buttons (3/4 inch); sewing needle & thread; tapestry needle.
size: 0-6 (6-12, 12-18, 24) months
gauge: 7 stitches / 9 rows / inch
skills needed:
increasing (Kfb), decreasing (K2tog and SSK), knitting in the round on DPNs, picking up stitches, simple crochet chain.

cowgirl butterfly astronaut vest [6.16.08]

This vest is an homage to all the girls in clacks, who want to be frilly while they play outside. I imagine it being worn over a T-shirt and jeans, while they play cowgirls or astronauts or whatever else they want to do, and look good at the same time. It's knit all in one piece, bottom-up, starting at the ruffle, and finishes with a ruffle as the cap sleeve. Have fun making this for your favorite dress-up girl.

1 (1, 2) ball/s Cascade Sierra (color B) 100g/192 yd; 2 balls Cascade Sierra Quatro (color A) 100g/192 yd; size 7 (4.5 mm) circular needles; size 5 (3.75 mm) circular needles; tapestry needle; 3 (three) 1/2-inch buttons.
size: girls' 2 (4, 6)
gauge: 16 st / 26 rows / 4 inches over the K4, P2 rib (lightly stretched)
skills needed: increasing and decreasing, pick up stitches, short rows

bootielicious [3.13.08]

This is not an orignial design, but a review of four widely-available free bootie patterns for using up leftover sock yarn stash. From left to right: Baby Eyelet Socks by Cynthia Hall, Plain Baby Socks, adapted from Cynthia's pattern, Basic Circular Seamless Baby Bootees by Megan Mills, and T-Strap Booties from KnitSimple. All you need is some leftover sock yarn and maybe a Netflix to keep you company.

st. vincent cloche [2.1.08]

I love the fashions of the 1920's, especially the hats, and have always wanted to make one. After searching in vain for just the right pattern, I decided to just design one myself. I named it after one of my favorite female icons of the era, the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay.

materials: 3 skeins Knit Picks Merino Style (123 yd/50g), Color #23460, Nutmeg (color A); 1 skein Knit Picks Merino Style (123 yd/50g), Color #23456, Coal (color B); 16" circular needle, size US 8 (5.0 mm); DPNs, size US 8 (5.0 mm); stitch markers in 2 colors; tapestry needle; pin back; sewing needle & thread in matching colors.
size: women's one size (the hat is knitted in one size - giant - and felted until it fits the wearer snugly).
(before felting): 9 stitches and 12 rows/2 inches.
skills needed: Increase and decrease, pick up stitches, knit in the round on DPN's.

pumpkin vine socks [11.9.07]

I've had a ball making these lacy, comfortable socks and thought you might like them too. You will need to use a stitch counter and a little cheat sheet to keep up with the 12-row lace repeat, so sorry, no knitting these socks on the sly at a meeting or in class. But on your couch with a cup of tea, they are divine.

materials: 2 skeins Shibui Sock (100% merino, 50 g / 191 yd); US size 1 DPN's (2.5 mm); stitch markers in 2 colors; stitch counter; tapestry needle.
gauge: 7 st/inch in stockinette. 8 st/inch in lace pattern.
size: Womens' XS (M, XL)
skills: reading a lace pattern; increasing and decreasing using several types of stitches; picking up stitches.

cris the critter [9.14.07]

Cris is short for Condyluria cristata, and if you haven't already read about what those 22 nose tentacles are for, and how Cris is the only semi-aquatic rodent species, then by all means learn more here. Ready to knit and felt him? All you need is a sense of humor and a couple of free evenings - this is a weird knit, but not a difficult one at all. Enjoy!

materials: Less than one skein each of Lamb's Pride worsted and Cascade 220; US size 8 DPN's (5 mm); US size H crochet hook (5 mm); stitch markers; tapestry needle; two 1/8 in buttons, black or gray; sewing needle & thread to match body yarn.
gauge before felting: 4 st and 6 r / inch
size: one size
skills: Knitting in the rnd on DPN's; making I-cords; crochet a sc.

elph cozy [8.17.07]

Everything shiny needs a case. I love felted cases for gadgets because they're durable, thick and cushiony. Felted cases provide a bit of shock-proofing for gadgets that rattle around in my daybag bumping up against keys and whatnot. This is a case for my tiny new camera, so it's likewise tiny and takes only an evening and a some leftover stash yarn to make. It is sized to fit an itty-bitty Canon Elph, but you can adjust it to suit whatever sized gadget you have.

materials: less than 1 skein worsted-weight 100% wool; size 8 (US) needles; size I (5.5 mm) crochet hook; one large button (around 1.25 in); sewing needle & thread; tapestry needle.
gauge before felting: 16 st and 24 r / 4 in
size: one size
skills: Basic decreasing (SSK and K2tog); crocheting a sc

super-natural stripes [7.20.07]

Revised 4.17.08 with 2-3 yr size added
Once I started knitting this little baby cardigan, I couldn't stop. The color changes are worked on the wrong side, to accent the interplay of naturally-occurring colors in this great undyed organic cotton yarn. This is a quick little knit - perfect for a summer baby gift. And of course, organic cotton is a great choice for delicate newborns.

materials: 3 skeins (1 each color) Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton in sage, bone and nut; size 7 (US) needles, circular and DPN; size 5 (US) needles, circular and DPN; size G (4.0 mm) crochet hook; one 1-inch button; sewing needle & thread; tapestry needle; stitch markers.
gauge: 16 st and 22 rows / 4 inches
size: 0-6 mos (6-12 mos, 18 mos)
skills: increasing (Kfb), decreasing (K2tog), knitting in the round on DPNs, picking up stitches, simple crochet chain.

george [6.22.07]

the vitals: My grandfather had a real soft spot for octopi. Every story my grandfather told us inevitably contained an octopus, even if it was just a walk-on character. Maybe because of him, I have always loved octopi, with their many legs, their pacifist ink-blot self-defense system, and their crafty ways. This felted octopus was named in honor of my grandfather George, who always loved a new toy. I hope you have as much fun making it as I did!

you will need: 2 skeins Cascade Quatro (shown in color #9440) 100g/220yd, 100% wool; size 10 needles (US) - one set of DPN's and one 16" circular; size J crochet hook; tapestry needle; sewing needle; stitch markers in multiple colors; polyester fiberfill or other fluffy stuffing; small amount of scrap or craft felt in contrasting color, and matching sewing thread; sewing thread to match the main-color yarn; two 3/8-inch buttons; and pinking shears.
gauge (before felting): around 4 st/in
skills: knitting in the round on DPN's and circulars, pick up stitches, basic crochet (single-chain st), basic hand-sewing.

footies [4.27.07]

the vitals: The footie is my most favorite sock style, probably because I wear a lot of cropped pants and skirts with clogs or sneakers. Better than going sockless, the footie lets you show a little colorful sock, avoid blisters and bare your ankles to the warm spring breeze, all at the same time. They're also great for lounging around the house in your PJ's on a chilly morning. Best of all, no yarn purchase is necessary. Just use up some of the leftover sock yarn from your stash. Did I mention they're twice as fast as regular socks?

you will need: around 200 yards superwash sock yarn (more for men's size), fingering weight; size 1 or 2 DPN's; stitch markers in different colors; tapestry needle.
gauge: 7 st/in over stockinette stitch
skills: knitting in the round, SSK, K2tog, P2tog, pick up stitches.

organic guernsey [3.16.07]

the vitals:
I really like neutral colors on babies. I also really like knitting with organic cotton, especially when making garments for little ones. This little pullover features both, with some simple detailing to make it special. Buttons at the front collar make this easy to get baby in and out of, and the basic shape makes it work for a girl or boy.

you will need: 3 skeins Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton (100g, 150yd) in color #82; US size 7 circular needles and DPN's; US size 5 circular needles and DPN's; 3 3/4-inch buttons; tapestry needle; scrap yarn to hold sleeve stitches; stitch markers.
gauge: 14 st and 22 rows / 4 inches
skills: Knitting in the round on circulars and DPNs, YO, seed stitch, pick up stitches.

mossy jacket

the vitals: Whenever I see a pattern for a baby something-or-other that says it's a very special something-or-other for baby, that usually means it is hyper-ruffled, tied with 100 ribbons or made from artisan-spun cashmere. I think this little jacket is a very special baby gift because it's like, really nice. It has a funky off-center button band, it's cute, colorful, fairly quick to knit and made from merino wool - just a little bit chi-chi but not ridiculously so.

you will need: 3 skeins Classic Elite Beatrice (100% merino; 63 yards) in color A (#3428); 1 skein in color B (#3285); US size 9 circular needles and DPNs; US size 10 circular needles and DPNs; scrap yarn to hold sleeves; two 1" buttons; stitch markers; tapestry needle.
gauge: 3.5 st and 5 rows / inch.
skills: knitting in the round on circulars and DPNs, increasing (Kfb, YO) and decreasing (K2tog), sewing on buttons.

quickie cowl [12.22.06]

the vitals: Just three more knitting days until Christmas... Need a lightning-quick last-minute gift? Break into your stash and find just one skein of something soft and chunky, and you'll have this little cowl wrapped and waiting under the tree come Christmas morning.

you will need: about 100 yards of any very soft, chunky weight yarn (I used one skein of Misti Alpaca chunky); US size 10.5 needles; tapestry needle.
gauge: 3.5 st/in
skills: YO

wildflower socks [11.17.06]

the vitals: The days are becoming short and gray - just the time to knit up some bright socks that make you want to dance! These socks are named for the "wildflower purl" stitch pattern (from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns). The stitch pattern is easy to memorize and very forgiving - if you do make a mistake, it will be practically invisible, especially with variegated yarn. If you do use variegated yarn, you will get an impressionist effect of single-color "wildflowers" on a multi-colored background.
you will need: 2 skeins Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (shown in "Gold Hill" colorway); size US 1 DPN's; stitch markers; tapestry needle.
gauge: 7.5 st/in in stockinette stitch
skills: knitting in the round on DPN's (or with 2 circulars or the Magic Loop); picking up stitches.

intro to socks [10.6.06]

the vitals: If you've never made a pair of socks before, but you've been wanting to try it, here's your chance! In honor of Socktoberfest, here is an easy pattern for a pair of simple winter socks, knitted in a large gauge so the project goes quickly. I used a superwash merino yarn that is super-soft and nicely stretchy, to make a pair of comfy, warm winter socks that you can wear with boots or just around the house.

you will need: 3 skeins of Bingo Chine (100% superwash merino, 50g/88yds); US size 6 DPN's; US size 7 DPN's; stitch marker; tapestry needle.
gauge: 4.5 stitches to the inch in st st on size US 6 needles.
skills: Knitting in the round on DPN's, picking up stitches.

baby om [9.22.06]

the vitals: This is a versatile, colorful sweater with a simple intarsia motif. I chose a lotus, both because prenatal yoga was important to the sweater's recipient, and because the theme seemed to resonate with the strong colors I had in mind. Peaceful, calming symbols just can't hurt when you have a new baby in the house.

you will need: Around 500 yards of a DK-weight wool or wool blend yarn. I used two strands held together of Peruvian Baby Silk. US size 6 and size 5 circular needles; US size E crochet hook; one 3/8 inch button or bead.
gauge: 5 st/inch on size 6 needles.
skills: Basic intarsia, single-chain crochet stitch.

raging fingerless gloves [8.18.06]

the vitals: These fingerless gloves are lightweight, knit in a lace rib that’s very easy to memorize, and can knit up in a flash. You can buy your yarn on Saturday afternoon and wear them out on Saturday night! I also find them to be a great accessory for working in an over-air-conditioned office (like mine). They only use about 1/2 skein of Cotton Fleece (around 100 yards), so they’re a great project for using up leftovers.

you will need: About 1/2 skein of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% merino), shown in color #CW730, Raging Purple; size US 6 needles, straight or circular, and one set of size 6 DPN’s; tapestry needle; stitch marker.
gauge: 5 st and 7 rows / inch (in stockinette st).
skills: Knitting in the round on DPN's, YO, K2tog.

organic baby wrapper [7.7.06]

the vitals: This baby wrapper & hat set makes a great new-baby gift. I especially love using organic cotton for newborn items. Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton is about the softest yarn you've ever felt, and of course it's grown without pesticides and other nasty chemicals - good for the environment and a delicate new baby. The openwork pattern used here is also easy to memorize, so it looks fancy but is simple to work.

you will need: 4 skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton (3 in sage, 1 in bone), size 7 (US needles), 16" size 6 (US) circular needles, size 6 (US) DPN's, stitch markers in 2 colors, a tapestry needle, and a size G crochet hook.
gauge: approx. 4.5 st/in over stockinette st.
skills: Knitting in the round on DPN's, YO, K2 tog.

beer cozy [6.16.06]

the vitals: Now that the hot, sweaty days of summer are upon us, it's time to share one of my favorite patterns with you: the beer cozy. I particularly like this project because you can get a bunch of them out of just a little scrap yarn, they make great gifts (real last-minute gifts), and it takes no longer to whip one up than one episode of MI-5.

you will need: Any worsted weight yarn in wool or acrylic (leftovers of Cascade 220, Lion Brand Wool Ease or Plymouth Encore worsted are all very appropriate), US size 7 or 8 double-pointed knitting needles, one stitch marker, and a Tapestry needle.
gauge: approx. 4 st/inch
skills: Knitting in the round on DPN's (optional)

cell phone cozy [5.5.06]

the vitals: Besides keeping your phone warm on cold days, this little pouch will keep it from getting nicks & scratches in your purse, and protects it from shock when you drop it on the pavement as I seem to do at least once a week. You can easily adapt the pattern to make cozies for your iPod, Blackberry, or whatever other space-aged gadgets you've got that need an old-fashioned cozy.

you will need: Cascade 220 (about 1/4 skein ), small amount of contrasting-color yarn (if desired), US size 9 knitting needles, one 5/8" button, and a tapestry needle.
(pre-felting) 4.5 st/inch.
skills: Decreases, yarn-over (YO), felting.

the glamour scarf

the vitals: This is a deceptively easy scarf that dresses up any outfit. The lightweight yarn makes it suitable for almost any weather, too. Finished scarf measurements (before tassels): Approx. 5 in. wide and 50 in. long.

you will need: 2 skeins of Berocco Mosaic FX (or any equivalent ladder yarn) and one ball of Royale Crochet Thread, size 3. US size 13 knitting needles.
gauge: Approx. 4 st/inch on size 13 needles.
skills: Garter stitch, making tassels.

More free patterns coming soon!


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  11. Kfb = Increase 1 by knitting into the front and back of the stitch.

    PM = place marker

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  23. I am so happy to find the mossy jacket. I've never seen anything like it! Where did you find this yarn - rather what is the name of the colors so I can search for them? I'd love to do it exactly the same (which is quite rare for me). Thank you so much. Knit on.


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